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~:: Manga Fair 4 ::~

By : Nicole Shade

This ENTIRE outfit is made up of items from the new event  Manga Fair starting July 1st.
I think the pants have to be my absolute favorite. The Purse/Rings/Glasses/Shoes all come in varying colors.Get yours while you can!

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise
Top: !TB - Kawaii Tank (Hud)
Bottom: :Moon Amore: "El pulpo" pants
Shoes: Cute Flat Shoes Rare
Glasses: .Pekka. Kawaii Glasses - Leopard (Hud bow and whiskers)
Ring: .Pekka. Heart _ Wings ring - Pink
Purse: Miss.Toast Wallet Rare

~:: Manga Fair 3 ::~

By : Nicole Shade

This amazing fit can be found in many different colors. The top and bottoms come with appliers as well. The colors the top can be found in are Bronze, Gold, and Silver. The bottoms can be Aqua, Green, Orange, Pink, White and Yellow. SO many to choose from, yet so adorable.

Shorts: <3 Lolita Hentai Shorts White
Top: <3 Lolita Top Silver

~:: Manga Fair 2 ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Part 2 and more to come. c:
This whole outfits (besides the shoes and hair) can be found at the Manga fair starting July 1st.
All of the flowers are included PLUS there will be crown flower gatcha to play! So many colors to choose from. 
The Manga fair will be open till the 30th so make sure you come and get your own. It's worth it.

Dress: Vintage Satin Dress Black
Sleeves: Vintage Satin Dress Puffy Sleeves
Headpiece: Rose Head_dress
Necklace: Rose Choker
Hip flowers: Rose Ribbon Belt
Garter flowers: Rose Garter

~:: Manga Fair 1 ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Manga Fair <3

Starting July 1st you'll be able to get your own items at the Manga Fair. I'm sure that it's going to be crazy trying to get into this event, but it's going to be worth it.

Both can be found at the Manga Fair. Come get your own! c:
Bodysuit: .:Pulse:. Malicia Bodysuit Purple
Wings: .:Pulse:. Malicia PVC Wings

~:: Rock Me ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane.

Hair: ILLMATIC :: Frenchie - Chocolate
Eyes: "tSg" Realize Silver
Shoes: ::Envious:: SexBomb Boot
Skin: Deetalez Anouk Mediterranean
Shoulders: ::Envious:: Shoulder Armor
Goggles: ::Envious:: RockMe Mesh Goggles w/WINGS
Skirt: ::Envious:: MiniSkirt
Top: ::Envious:: Bikini Top
Wrists: ::Envious:: Mesh Bracelet
Ears: Stretched Ears-Omimi-
Arm: :.Envious.: RockMe Arm Bands

~:: Corrupt Beauty ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Imma teach you how to love.

New Release. Come and get yours for a low price of 180L. It comes with the head piece, arm wraps, goggles, skirt, body suit and the appliers. 

Hair: Magika Reading
Eyes: "tSg" Realize Silver
Shoes: *BOOM* Adore Ultra High Heels
Body Suit: :.Envious.: CorruptBeauty Dress
Skirt: :.Envious.: CorruptBeauty Skirt
Headpiece: ::Envious:: HeadPiece
Arm wraps: ::Envious:: Mesh Arm
Goggles: ::Envious:: Goggles w/Wings

~:: Heartbreak Queen ::~

By : Nicole Shade

I wish to weep but sorrow is stupid

New Release
This new outfit is soooo hot. It shows just the right amount of boobage so that it isn't too overboard. I love this outfit to pieces and I love the fact that it comes with appliers for your applying needs. Plus it's only 160L. With such a low price and such great quality you can't beat it. Come get your own!

Hair: Truth Hair Nova
Eyes: "tSg" Realize Hazel
Skin: Deetalez Anouk Mediterranean
Top: ::Envious:: Heartbreak Queen Shirt
Bottom: ::Envious:: Heartbreak Queen Jeans
Shoes: FLite Bombers Coal (@TheBigShow)
Goggles: ::Envious:: Heartbreak Queen Goggles w/wings
Bracelets: ::Envious: Mesh Bracelet
Holster: ::Envious:: Heartbreak Queen Holster w/Money
MiniJacket: ::Envious:: MiniJacket
Bandana: :.Envious.: Bandana Arm

~:: Tutti Shorties ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Lemmie see that booty wurk

These shorts are amazing. I literally have no shorts I like, until I got these and I am absolutely in love with them. You get 8 colors with the purchase of the shorts for the price of only 180L. I mean seriously? 8 shorts and only 180L. That's a steal..specially with how great of quality they are. Come get a pair at the Envious Main Store. You know you want these shorts. 

Hair: +Spellbound+ Journey
Eyes: "tSg" Realize Hazel
Skin: Deetalez Anouk Mediterranean
Top: .:Cheeky:. Shoulder Shirt
Bottoms: ::Envious:: Tuti Shorts Black
Shoes: FLite. Bombers Coal (@TheBigShow)
Glasses: C H A R Y.-Fleur Glasses Black (@HelloSunshineFair)

~:: So Perfect ::~

By : Nicole Shade

'cause all I really want is you

Event runs from June 8th - June 29th.
This outfit is exclusive right now at The Thrift Shop called Lost Doll by Envious. Get yours while you can, you will regret not getting it later because it looks amazing on as it does in the picture. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself.
Check out Envious' main store for more amazing outfits and deals. Her stuff never ceases to amaze me. Store Location

Hair: .ploom. Mile High Pony
Eyes: "tSg" Realize hazel
Skin: Deetalez Anouk Mediterranean
Top: :.Envious.: LostDoll Shirt (@TheThriftShop)
Skirt: :.Envious.: Lost Doll Skirt (@TheThriftShop)
Stockings: :.Envious.: LostDoll Stockings (@TheThriftShop)
Shoes: :.Envious.: LostDoll Boot (@TheThriftShop)
Arm Band: :.Envious.: LostDoll Bandana Arm (@TheThriftShop)
Shoulders: :.Envious.: Shoulder Armor (@TheThriftShop)
Collar: :.Envious.: Envy Posture Collar (@TheThriftShop)
Headdress: .random.Matter Keelhauled - Head Chains
Bracelets: :.Envious.: LostDoll Bracelet (@TheThriftShop)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Luxure :: (@TheDarkStyleFair)

~:: I'm Right Here ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Love is a game you play

I got accepted to be an official blogger for Envious and you can't even begin to understand how excited and happy I am to be blogging for an amazing creator. I already blog unofficially for two amazing creators, but to add this one to my list is even more amazing. I never expected to get this far, and I'm only hoping to go farther.

This amazing outfit can be found at the main store and is called Pills and Potions. Take my taxi and get one for yourself. It's super cheap only 199L..specially for everything that comes with this outfit. Did I mention it comes with a hud? No? Well now I did. Go do eeet!

Hair: Magika Habit
Eyes: "tSg" Realize Hazel
Skin: Deetalez Jarla Celtic
Top: :.Envious.: PillsAndPotions Bra
Skirt: ::Envious:: Long Tier Skirt
Cuffs: ::Envious:: Mesh Bracelet
Goggles: ::Envious:: Goggles/Wings
Armor: ::Envious:: Armor

~:: Minty ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Minty fresh.~

Went to The Hello Sunshine Fair and ermahgerd can I say it was gasmic. I literally wanted everything there from the shoes from Reign and the purse from .random.Matter, but unfortunately my Linden allowance wasn't allowing me to enjoy such nice things, but with what I was able to get I was very happy and I really...REALLY need to stay away from events, but will I? Proooobably not.

Hair: [e] Leighann
Eyes: .tsg. Mori Eyes - Ice Blue
Skin: Deetalez Cheryl Nordic
Top: [MotiAme] No Sleeve Blouse - Blue (@HelloSunshineFair)
Shoes: MoDANNA Wedge Sandals (@HelloSunshineFair)
Bottom: [MotiAme] Scalloped Shorts - White (@HelloSunshineFair)
Ears: Plug(Hole_Size_3) Stretched Ears-Omimi
Ring: [Brixley] Moondust Ring (silver/pastel) (@HelloSunshineFair)

~:: Distressed ::~

By : Nicole Shade

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

So again..more amazing stuff being popped out by the amazing Jamie. He's going to kill me with how amazing his work is. I am now set on outfits for a very long time.
Want to get yourself any of these lovely colors? Drop by Heathenesque for the Saturday sale. Normally 200 and they are only going to be 75L! This Saturday only.  Doooo eeet. You know you can't resist the urge to buy the cuteness.

~:: Monsieur ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Despair is a narcotic. It lulls the mind into indifference.

Hair: Magika Shine
Skin: Cheryl Nordic
Eyes: .tsg. Mori Eyes - Ice Blue
Top: etham - Drake Sweater (@TheMensDepartment)
Bottom: Spirit Store - Lav unisex pants (@TheMensDepartment)
Cig: .Reckless..Brains for breakfast Vape RARE (@TheBigShow)
Shoes: Flite. Bombers Coal (@TheBigShow)
Glasses: *Cila*Simplicity Sunglasses (@L'accessories)
Septum: :Z.S: Septum Mustache

~:: Summer Beauty ::~

By : Nicole Shade

I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts~

Okay so I'm just starting to realize it's summer time by how every time I walk outside it feels like I'm walking into a furnace, but thankfully there are amazing Dev's like 7mad;Ravens and Heathenesque to make some amazing clothes that make summer almost bearable, hence how I say almost. Head out to the new event The Thrift Shop and get yourself a set of these. The amazing thing about these tops and bottoms is that they're a HUD! I mean come on. 7 tops for the price of 1 and 5 bottoms for the price of 1. That's a steal.The shoes you can find in the center with all the gachas and I promise you, they make the whole outfit into one. I'm so happy to own all of these.~ You can also find 7mad;Ravens body sand to go along with this and it compliments it so nicely.
What are you doing still reading this! Go take a tele and get these for yourself! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Hair: Truth Hair Luella
Top: /h/ Point Break Top (@TheThriftShop)
Skin: Deetalez Cheryl Nordic
Bottom: /h/ Point Break Shorts (@TheThriftShop)
Shoes: /h/ Summer Slip On (@TheThriftShop)
Eyes: .tsg. Mori Eyes - Ice Blue
LolliCat: Lolly cat cream (@Kustom 9)

~::Wishmaster ::~

By : Nicole Shade

She will grant your every wish..but at what cost?

Wish upon that star because once you do it's over. She has you forever. She may grant your every wish, but at what cost? Is it really worth it in the end? Only time will tell.

Hair: Magika [Hair] Promise
Deetalez Jarla Celtic
"tSg" Realize Ice Blue

Dress: .tsg. Summer Dress
Headdress: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master Headpiece Silver (@TheFantasyGatcha)
Wand: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master Want Silver (@TheFantasyGatcha)
 Collar:.Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master Collar Silver (@TheFantasyGatcha)
Back: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master Bottle Silver (@TheFantasyGatcha)
Stuffie: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master Goat Plushie (@TheFantasyGatcha)

~:: Huntress ::~

By : Nicole Shade

Yet again pretty behind, but yeah. Dx

She's beautiful, but only death is shown within her icy blue eyes. She's a huntress and a deadly one at that. With one look she'll have you trapped and within seconds you will be in a trance. You will be hers to mold and break at will. Beware..

Top: Alchemy - Huntress - Top Silver (@ The Fantasy Gatcha)
Hair: Moon{Hair}. Cult Division
Eyes: .tsg. Mori Eyes - Ice Blue
Skin: Cheryl Glitter Nordic
Bottom: Alchemy - Huntress - Belt Silver (@ The Fantasy Gatcha)
Headdress: Alchemy - Lion Hood unisex - White - RARE (@ The Fantasy Gatcha)

Collar: Alchemy - Collar - Silver (@ The Fantasy Gatcha)
Cloak: Alchemy - Lion Hood Unisex - White Cape (@ The Fantasy Gatcha)
Staff: Moon Staff Silver

~:: Cutie Bot ::~

By : Nicole Shade

I'm so behind on this Bot, but better late than never.

I got this bot and I couldn't help but be attached to this thing immediately. It stole my heart and I don't want it to give it back. This thing is so adorable and his face even moves as if it was a real TV with static. Geek has done another outstanding job. I love it. <3

Hair: Pr!tty - Jolie -
Body Suit: .Biddy. - Cross Dress - Black
Skin: "tSg" Chloe
Shoes: [ SAKIDE ] Appeal Boots Black
Bot: [geek.] Manic Geekbot -Black- (Exclusive @ Funny Puppet Fair)
Earrings: .random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings
Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Wonderland (Faded)
Nose Bleed: .Pekka. Nose Bleed V2

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